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     LOOM in a TUBE


Loom in a Tube is a portable loom that is adaptable to several types of weaving.  Compact in design, it is suitable for taking to workshops or on vacation.  It can be rolled up and stored in the tube even in the middle of a project.

The Loom in a Tube provides tension control to keep your warp tight.  It is equipped with a shedding device to create 2 sheds when weaving with yarn.  It can also be adapted to weave with beads by simply leaving off the shedding device.

Each Loom in a Tube comes with an illustrated manual giving step-by-step instructions to help you assemble the loom and put on the warp. Also included are a tapestry bobbin, heddle-maker and string for making heddles

The loom is used simply by sitting at a table with the loom resting in the weaver’s lap. For weavers who prefer to weave with the loom standing upright, an optional stand may be purchased.


Weight: less than 2 lbs.

Dimensions: 12" wide by 20" long

Maximum weaving size: 10" wide by 30" long




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